Swim Lane Etiquette & Training Session Rules

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Swim Lane Etiquette

  • You must swim in the lane allocated to you by the poolside coaches.
  • Always be respectful of your coach, other swimmers and everyone’s efforts. Everyone should be trying their best.
  • Swimmers must NOT stop and stand in the lane unless there is an emergency, or obstruct others from completing their training.
  • Swimmers should swim in speed order for the stroke or kick/pull being undertaken in the lane.
  • Pulling on other swimmers is forbidden.
  • If a swimmer should be caught, it is the responsibility of the overtaking swimmer to NOT touch the swimmer in front until they are at the flags. This will allow the swimmer in front to stop at the wall and allow the swimmer to overtake.
  • If a swimmer is caught and their feet are touched, they MUST stop at the wall to allow the overtaking swimmer past.
  • If a swimmer overtakes, they must not slow down and the swimmer overtaken should not speed up to re-take the position. Positions should then be maintained until the end of that sub-set.
  • Overtaking in the middle of the length is not acceptable and must not take place for the safety of all swimmers within the lane.
  • Do not submerge yourself in the middle of a length or at the end of the pool while waiting – it is dangerous.
  • Do not pull on the lane ropes as this may injure other swimmers.
  • Always swim to the wall, as you would do in a race, and please ensure you allow other swimmers behind you to turn or finish correctly and safely (move out of the way, where safe to do so).

Obeying these simple rules will ensure that all swimmers are able to obtain the maximum out of their training sessions.

Training Session Rules

  • Don’t be late…
    Please ensure you arrive in good time for pre-pool mobility – at least 15 minutes before your start time. If you do arrive late, please report to your coach before entering the pool.
  • Please go to the loo before the session…
    A toilet break is scheduled into the session if it is over an hour in length, otherwise you should not need to get out the pool.
  • Leaving poolside…
    If you need to leave the pool for any reason during your session, please inform your coach before doing so.
  • Skipping lengths or sets…
    Please make every effort not to skip lengths or sets as you are only cheating yourself.
  • Listen to your coach and asking questions…
    The coach’s advice is crucial to good technique and swimming fast, so please do not talk over the coach and listen to what they have to say. Think about what you are doing during training and if you have any problems discuss them with your coach at the appropriate time.
  • Bring the right kit…
    Having the right equipment is essential to help you get the most out of the training sessions. Please ensure you have all your equipment with you at all times.
  • Session attendance…
    Please make your coach aware if you have any difficulties in attending training sessions as set out for your squad.
  • Behaviour…
    If you have any problems with the behaviour of your fellow swimmers, please report them at the time to an appropriate adult.
  • Support your team…
    Remember – swimming is a team sport. Everyone is on the same team so encourage each other when you are finding the session tough!
  • Have fun…