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Phase 1 Return – July & August 2020

What a great first week back in the pool. It was fantastic seeing all the swimmers!

Please ensure that you keep up to date with our procedures and protocols. These are continually being reviewed and updated accordingly.

For those who are joining us at a later date, please complete the following online declarations for each individual squad swimmer within your household. Once they have been completed and returned, you will receive an email confirming that your swimmer(s) are able to attend training sessions.

  • MSC Code of Conduct for COVID-19
  • Return to Training Declaration – Swimmers & Parents

Who are your COVID-19 Officers?

Lead COVID Officer – LCO

Carole Murphy

Poolside COVID Officers – PCOs

Rachelle Allistone
Christine Ekstrom

Timetables & Assigned Lanes – August 2020

We return on Wednesday 29 July. Timetables through to 30 August 2020.

Mandatory Online Declarations

Swimmers are required to complete both the Return to Training Declaration and Code of Conduct for COVID-19 online forms. Poolside volunteers and coaches should complete the Return to Training Declaration.

If anything changes once the declarations have been returned, it is your responsibility to inform the club immediately.

Return to Training Videos

We will be returning on a phased basis using Rochester Maths and Maidstone Leisure Centre.

Training Venue Pool Layouts, Procedures & Poster

Important information for your swimmer. Updated as as 24 July 2020.

Swimming Hats

If you do require MSC hats, please send a request for these directly to our club email address. We ask that you make payment directly to our Gala Account and we can bring the hats to the next training session once we have confirmed receipt.

Note: although the video states MSC hats, any hat is fine!

Return to Training after Recovering from COVID-19

If you are returning to the pool after recovering from COVID-19, you will be required to complete the Swim England – Return to Training form. Once the form has been completed and returned, you will receive an email from the LCO confirming that your swimmer will be able to resume their training sessions.

Risk Assessments

Updated as at 24 July 2020.

COVID Liaison Team – Job Descriptions