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The club organises an outdoor warm weather training camp in the October half-term for swimmers in our Junior Performance, Youth Development, Senior Kent, Age Performance and Youth Performance squads who are aged 12 and above.

The camp is a great experience for the swimmers both from a social and swimming perspective. If you require any further information on these camps, please contact Claire White.



This year the club are heading to the all-inclusive resort of Lyttos Beach Hotel in Hersonissos, Crete.

Departure : Saturday 22 October 2022

Please arrive at Maidstone Leisure Centre for 3.30am. The bus will depart for the airport at 3.45am.

Flight from Gatwick Airport – EasyJet EZY8761 – departing at 7.10am, arriving Heraklion at 1.10pm.

Arrival : Saturday 29 October 2022

Flight from Heraklion Airport – EasyJet EZY8764 – departing 11.35pm on 28 October. Arriving at Gatwick at 1.35am on 29 October.

Parents are asked to be at Maidstone Leisure Centre at 2.30-3.00am for collection. If for any reason, they are running late your swimmer will contact you with a revised pick-up time.


The swimmers train twice a day as well as participating in a series of land-based activities and fitness training.

Daily Timetable 2022

Saturday 22 October

After a long day travelling, our team of swimmers and coaches have arrived safely to sunshine and blue skies in Crete. After check-in at the hotel, it was straight down to business – the first session in the pool complete! 


Sunday 23 October

Another day of blue skies and sunshine – the first day of two pool sessions. A team volleyball session after lunch, a visit to the waterpark and relaxation along with some evening fun in the games room.

Monday 24 October

Another beautiful, sunny and warm day. The first land training of the week took place after their first pool session. Basketball and table tennis games were on the schedule for the afternoon before the second pool session.

Tuesday 25 October

It’s only getting warmer and another day of sunshine and blue skies. What a great team photo – quite the advert for Funkita and Funky Trunks – from the first pool session of the day. It’s also Anna’s birthday!

Wednesday 26 October

We’re over halfway through the week and another brilliant day of sunshine, with 18 hours already completed in the pool. Bodies are beginning to ache, so plenty of stretching after the morning pool session. Teams were chosen this evening for the final gala on Friday evening, where everybody has to swim an individual event and compete in the relays. Loving the team names!


Thursday 27 October

The penultimate day of the training camp. The team had some well-deserved, chill-out time in between the two pool sessions. Some great photos from the last night.

Friday 28 October

It’s the final day… still warm – but windier. There was some great racing with so much team spirit and support in the final gala to round of the week in the pool.

The final result was close –

1st – Lanre’s Floaters – 37 points

2nd – Finn’s Baby’s – 36 points

3rd – Spring Rolls

4th – Not Packing – 27 points

What fabulous memories the swimmers have taken from this long-awaited trip. It has been AMAZING. A huge thank you to all those involved. They have loved it!!!!