Competitive Development 3

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Lead Coach: Mixed

14 years + (guidance only)


Overview and objectives

  • To cater for swimmers aiming towards or maintaining County level participation.
  • To further develop and consolidate technical skills in the four disciplines, their competitive development and race preparation.
  • Swimmers in this squad are aiming to achieve and maintain Kent County Championship qualifying times.
  • 9 hours of pool training sessions are available each week.


Swimmers are expected and encouraged to compete at the following events throughout the season where applicable or advised by their coach:

  • Club Championships
  • Time Trials
  • Maidstone Level 3 Open Meet
  • Medway Championships
  • County Championships
  • Arena League
  • Regular attendance at Level 3 Open Meets

Aims, commitment and attitude

  • Swimmers MUST maintain a minimum attendance of 7 hours per week.
  • Swimmers are aiming to achieve and maintain a minimum of one Kent County Championships qualifying time.
  • Swimmers must regularly attend land-based strength and conditioning training.
  • Swimmers are expected to show a positive attitude and total commitment to training, and swimming as a sport, along with a desire to improve and progress to the next level (County).
  • Swimmers must be capable of managing the demands of training at the level appropriate to the squad and maintain their performance levels at all sessions.
  • Swimmers are expected to represent and be available as required for Maidstone Swimming Club team events.
  • Swimmers are expected to be respectful to other club members, coaches, volunteers and officials.
  • Exemplary behaviour is expected and swimmers must abide by the ‘Club Code of Conduct’ on the understanding that they are representing the club at all times.