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Attendance Monitoring

As a competitive club, we need every available squad space for the children to have the opportunity to swim at their best. We are, therefore, VERY HOT on attendance at sessions and meets throughout the whole club.

Children are marked for the time they are in the pool swimming, not on poolside or missing lengths or messing around. If your child is in the water for only 15 minutes out of their period training, then 15 minutes will be noted as their attendance for that session.

If your son or daughter is continually missing sessions and has not achieved the minimum attendance requirement, as detailed in their Squad Criteria, please be advised that they will be required to make up the time over the calendar month or they will receive an attendance letter.

The minimum weekly requirement for each squad can be easily viewed in the Training Timetable.

Please also be advised that the MSC coaching staff are able to move any child out of their existing squad if their attendance is below their minimum squad requirement, if the child has reached their level of potential within swimming and the club cannot progress them or if they do not attend the required gala’s.


Absence through Illness

Due to the current high level of membership in the club, it is becoming very difficult to manage all of the emails coming in relating to short-term absence due to illness.

We therefore ask you to refrain from sending emails or text messages to advise that your son or daughter will be not be swimming that evening due to short-term issues such as a cold or vomiting.

Please do continue to email or text if your child will be missing a significant amount of training due to long-term illness, injury, family holiday or exam commitments that will mean that they miss their required minimum attendance.


Resignation from or Leaving the Club

It is very important that you advise the club that you are leaving, so that we can maintain accurate records and ensure that you are not invoiced after you have left the club.

One month’s notice period is required in writing to the Club Secretary if you would like to resign from the club. A member’s resignation shall only take effect when this has been complied with.

One month’s fees are chargeable during this notice period.