South East Regional Summer Championships 2024

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Twenty five swimmers from Maidstone Swimming Club qualified to compete at the club’s most successful South East Championships to date with the club finishing 9th in the Medal table and 13th in the Points table out of 78 clubs.

In the long distance Freestyle events, Elise Butler and Olivia Quiller both won gold with Romeo Ball taking the silver in the 800m. In the 1500m Ball finished 4th, Harrison Wilkins 5th and Finn Jackson 8th.

 Maidstone were well represented in both the 200m and 400m Individual Medley events. In the 400m IM Quiller took gold, Wilkins took home the bronze and Ball added 2 more silvers in both events.

200m IM: Butler (12th), Emilia Narkevic (17th), Lucinda Spallek-Puttacharoen (14th), Wilkins (11th). 400m IM: Butler (21st), Isabelle May (14th), Narkevic (17th).

 There were solid performances in the Breaststroke events. Quiller became regional champion in all 3 distances in the 13 Year Old girls category. Dominic Teodorescu took bronze in the 100m and finished in 5th place for the 200m. Ball made the finals in the 100m and 200m finishing in 4th place for both.

50m: Corban Mutakati (10th), Ella Ramsay (28th), Isabelle Savage (17th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (22nd), Liam Stockwell (23rd), Dominic Teodorescu (9th). 100m: May (32nd), Savage (16th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (16th). 200m: Savage (15th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (13th), Noah Teodorescu (21st).

There were more personal bests in the Butterfly events with Wilkins making the 100m final finishing in 4th place.

50m: Alfie Gomer (19th), Mutakati (9th), Calli Ramsay (16th), Wilkins (10th), Nicholas Wood (17th). 100m: Gomer (15th), Carmen Jenkins (16th), Narkevic (29th), May (21st), Moss (30th). 200m: Gomer (11th) ,Isabelle May (21st), Jenkins (19th).

 Several swimmers raced in all 3 of the Backstroke events. Ball took silver in the 100m and 200m. Quiller finished 4th in the 100m and 5th in the 200m with Butler placing 6th for both the 100m and 200m.

50m: Butler (12th), Oliver Carr (28th), Jenkins (22nd), Narkevic (28th), Chloe-Ann Naylor (19th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (16th), Wilkins (16th). 100m: Carr (19th), Chenai Chaza (23rd), Jenkins (16th), Naylor (18th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (15th). 200m: Carr (17th), Chaza (16th), Moss (21st), Narkevic (20th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (10th).

 Maidstone swimmers continued to do well in the Freestyle events. In the 50m Calli Ramsay sprinted into the final finishing 6th. In the 400m Ball and Butler took silver with Wilkins finishing in 5th. Ball also went on to take the bronze in the 200m and finished 8th in the 100m.

50m: Mutakati (23rd), Narkevic (12th), Naylor (23rd), Savage (30th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (13th), Wilkins (15th). 100m: Butler (9th), May (27th), Narkevic (18th), Calli Ramsay (20th), Savage (30th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (13th), Wilkins (13th). 200m: Butler (10th), May (20th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (9th). 400m: Katharine Irwin (16th), May (20th), Narkevic (13th), Spallek-Puttacharoen (15th).