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Return after National Lockdown, April 2021

We are excited to be returning to diving after nearly four months out the water and cannot wait to see you all.

As with previous national lockdowns, we are returning in line with Swim England and government recommendations.

As always, the safety of all our divers, swimmers, coaches and volunteers is paramount. Please ensure that you keep up to date with our procedures and protocols as these are continually being reviewed and updated accordingly based on guidance.

All club members, who are over the age of 16, must scan the QR code located in Reception or complete a manual track & trace form on entering Maidstone Leisure Centre. This will also be in addition to our own track & trace system.

After our extended absence from the pool, please ensure that the online return health declaration below for each individual diver within your household has been completed and submitted. Once done you will receive an email confirming that your diver is able to resume their training.

Mandatory Online Declarations

Divers who have recently joined the club, or who have not yet returned, are required to complete both the Return to Training Health Declaration and Code of Conduct for COVID online forms. Diving volunteers and coaches should complete the Return Health Declaration.

If anything changes once the declarations have been submitted, it is your responsibility to inform the club immediately and complete the COVID Incident Form if applicable.

Home & Community Testing

Given that our secondary school members are participating in regular rapid COVID testing, we would therefore ask that you inform us of the latest result on a weekly basis for those in Year 7 and above only. Please ensure this form is completed on a Sunday evening for the training week ahead.

Whilst restrictions remain in place, please could we ask that those who are regularly coaching and volunteering inform us of your latest rapid lateral flow test result on a Sunday evening for the training week ahead.

COVID Incident Form

For those who have been notified to isolate, or have suspected or confirmed COVID, or have family members with suspected or confirmed COVID, please complete the relevant section of the online form.

Once the form has been completed, the return to training date will be confirmed.

Please be aware that the isolation period for the club is 10 clear days. The first day starts the day following the last contact with the COVID positive person. The return to club training is therefore not before the 11th day.

Session Timetable

Updated timetable and assigned diving groups.

Diving Pool Layout, Procedures & Poster

Important information for your diver. Updated as as 30 March 2021.

Return to Training after Recovering from COVID

If you are returning to the pool after recovering from COVID, you will be required to complete the Swim England Return to Training form. Once the form has been completed and returned, you will receive an email from the LCO confirming that your diver will be able to resume their training sessions.