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Swim England has officially launched its Level X racing concept…

Series 1 will be from 23 October to 31 December 2020. Series 2 is proposed to run from 4 January to 9 March 2021.

The sessions will be held under Swim England Level X Racing guidance.

Swimmers wishing to take part must be a Swim England Category 2 member in order to participate.

Level X Racing is not a gala, but a time-trial activity. It has been designed to be a fun opportunity for swimmers to practise their racing skills within their normal training session times.

The concept enables swim times, registered during a club training session, to be entered into a national ranking system.

It is unlicensed and has minimal requirements regarding officials.

Club Information

Swim England Information

2020 Series 1 Results

The results for each 7.30pm and 8.30pm session can be tracked online through our Sports Systems results page.

PDF version of the results will be included below as soon as possible after each session.