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Club Kit

The following kit can be ordered from the Club Desk on Thursday and Friday evenings at Maidstone Leisure Centre. Our current pricing is as follows:

MSC Hat£6.00£6.00
MSC Bullet Hat£8.50£8.50
MSC Poolside T-Shirt - Named£22.00£24.00
MSC Shorts (Girls, Ladies)£22.00£22.00
MSC Shorts (Boys, Men)£19.00£22.00
MSC Hooded Top - Named£38.00£45.00

Club hats are in stock all the time.

Names on t-shirts and hooded top are included in the price.

We do have various sizes of shorts in stock and at certain times of the year we may hold various sizes of unnamed poolside t-shirts, so please do check with us.

You may experience a delay in receiving your club kit, as bulk orders for the specific clothing item will be processed once a minimum number of order requests have been received.

The preferable payment method is by bank transfer, but cash payment can be made. The appropriate bank details can be found within our Member area.


Training Equipment

It is important that swimmers in all competitive squads have all the required training equipment with them at all training sessions. This will enable them to fully participate fully in the session.

Please ensure that all equipment is clearly marked as belonging to them.

  • Drinks bottle
  • Goggles (2 pairs) and hats
  • Kickboard
  • Short fins
  • Snorkel
  • Pull buoy – junior version for younger squad members