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Official Club Kit

The supplier of our official club kit is Swimzi and the items that are available for purchase can be viewed via the following link.

The kit is available to order at set ‘windows’ during the year and emails will be sent out to club members when these order windows are due to open.

There will be 3 windows in 2023 and the ‘lead time’ on orders will be specified on the website at the time of order.

16 to 19 March 2023


Swimming Hats & Poolside T-Shirts

The club also have a supplier who provide the red/black poolside t-shirts and these orders are done on an ad-hoc basis during the year.

Emails will be sent out when an order is due to be placed, but please feel free to email us to enquire on when the next order is due to be placed.

Club hats are in stock all of the time and are available to purchase at our Club Championships sessions on a Tuesday evening. We are currently looking into how we can make these hats more accessible to buy, whilst also ensuring that we are receiving payment for them. We will update you in due course.

The preferable payment method is by bank transfer and the appropriate bank details can be found within our Member area.

Proof of payment prior to issuing the hats will be required – whether a printed copy or showing us the transaction electronically.

MSC Hat£6.50£6.50
MSC Poolside T-Shirt£12.50£15.00


Training Equipment

It is important that swimmers in all competitive squads have all the required training equipment with them at all training sessions. This will enable them to fully participate fully in the session.

Please ensure that all equipment is clearly marked as belonging to them.

  • Drinks bottle
  • Goggles (2 pairs) and hats
  • Kickboard
  • Short fins
  • Snorkel
  • Pull buoy – junior version for younger squad members