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Formed in 1844 and based in the heart of Kent, Maidstone Swimming Club is recognised as England’s oldest competitive swimming club.

Not only do we boast an enviable record of swimming and diving achievements, but also an eye for future success. We recognise our rich historical base, whilst aiming to nurture and develop tomorrow’s swimming talent.

We are fully affiliated to Swim England as well as holders of SwimMark accrediation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and encourage the development of swimming in Maidstone and the surrounding area by providing the best opportunity for children to learn to swim, develop and achieve their potential in the sport of swimming.

Throughout the club, we look to provide a first-class swimming programme in a safe and supportive environment for all ages; from early fun and games all the way through to national level.

Currently the club has over 130 swimmers (ages 7 to 19) in our main competitive squads.


Our Ethos

Our ethos as a club is to strive for excellence, ensuring that our swimmers aim to be the best that they can be, whatever level they reach.

We believe that each swimmer should be encouraged to develop swimming skills at a level and speed appropriate to them in order to maximise their potential in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

Swimming is a fantastic sport for children to participate in as it promotes great life skills that they develop through their swimming. As well as developing great fitness, it teaches skills that they will keep for life… as they reach adulthood and into their working life.

  • Dedication… through hard work as swimming is a tough sport. Swimmers train for many hours each week, all weeks of the year. They are taught to understand from an early age, that great performances are not by chance but by through hard work and dedication.
  • Teamwork… swimmers have to work in teams, working together in squad sessions and in galas to get the best out of themselves in training and at competitions.
  • Communication… from a young age, swimmers build communication skills with their coaches and officials.
  • Responsibility… we believe that swimmers should take responsibility for their swimming. This means being on time, and being prepared to train and race with the right equipment.


Our History

Our club is believed to be the oldest surviving swimming club in Britain. It was formed in 1844, in response to concerns over drownings in the River Medway, especially as the would-be rescuers would often drown because they themselves could not swim to safety. The club used to swim in the River Medway, and would hold races, diving competitions and water polo matches.

The South East Gazette, July 1844, reported an aquatic breakfast party: coffee and biscuits were served on a floating raft in the river. The coffee was kept hot over a fire; club members had to tread water and drink coffee at the same time. The last swimmers managed to overturn the raft, to the amusement of 150 spectators!